Me and The Forgiveness



I am relaxing comfortably, peace and tranquility surround me. As my eyes receive Nature's splendid creation, I admire the wise and timeless rhythm of a beautiful waterfall. Waves rush down, making room for others, advancing forward and forward according to Nature's order. The sound of the water and the music give me a slight, comforting chill, awakening my soul....

Deeply and slowly, I breathe in the peacefulness and serenity of the Universe. Slowly but firmly I breathe out my tensions, grief, doubts and worries. With my inward breath, I let all my cells absorb the universal energy. My outward breath lets my body release all the old thoughts and feelings that no longer serve me. As I breathe them out, I offer them to the rushing water, letting them go forever. I am looking on the waves taking them away…
Now I imagine standing under the soft waterfall that cleanses me. I feel the caress of water droplets on my skin and the energy of falling water wash over my body.
My negative thoughts now gone, I am feeling cleansed and pure as I relax in this state. I pay attention to accepting my renewal here. I now accept only being filled with peace, light and love. I continue to breathe…

I now start my inner journey. I ask myself, who am I, where is my own path, what do I want from my life and what is it I must do to find my truth? I know and accept who I am now and all that I feel and experience, all that is delightful in my life. I embrace that which fills me with sadness, that which makes me happy, my successes and failures, are results of my previous thoughts, feelings, actions, and way of life.

If I see something different in my life, not part of my truth, I alone am responsible for it. I know also that I have all ability, opportunity and means to change this path and return to my true path.
I know that my fate depends on me. It is up to me what I do with my life, with my free will and with my thoughts. I am pleased in my knowing, that the direction of my life is in my hands! I have the power within me now to control my destiny.
I love and accept myself as I am right now.
Here, I continue my inner journey with forgiveness..

Quietly, I ponder, what are those things that I resent and I blame myself for. I know that all the errors and mistakes I made in the past, then and there, served my development and enlightenment and they are now inaccessible to me. They fulfilled their role, that's why I let them go and forgive myself. When I do this, all of the mental and emotional ties of the past dissolve and I am set free. I can even show gratitude for them as they have brought me to this moment where I can let them go.
I now bring focus back to my breathing. I feel refreshed as so much has been shed, and washed downstream. I stretch my body gently. I can feel the peace, gratitude and love in my heart. I am now ready for the next part of my journey, my journey of forgiveness.

As I take my next cleansing breath, I think of those who have harmed or hampered me. I think of who I feel fear or anger towards and realize that I have chained them to myself with my negative emotions.
I imagine that I deeply look into the eyes of each of them and say, with all my heart, I forgive you for what you did to me. I hug you and in mind and spirit, we take a dip in the soft waves and watch together as the river carries away our grievances, fears and anger. I let you move on in peace and wish you blessings on your way. I think of you fondly from now on. And that's honestly the way it is!

I live in the present and in my new reality. If I notice that my peace of mind is disturbed by memories of the past, I continue my inner journey with letting go.
I let go of the past and everything that connects me to it. People, images, objects, sounds, moods and feelings are washed away. I thank everyone for what they gave and taught me. I let everyone go with love because it gives me freedom. I now live a full life, in the present, as I focus my energy to fulfill my destiny.

Another breath, and I inhale freedom. My lungs are filled with a most blissful feeling. I breathe out slowly, and once again free my mind of the past. I am free from my memories, I am free from my sorrow. I am letting go of everything as I provide space for the new and for the present. I live as One in the Universe while I live as One in myself.

As I end this blissful journey, I stand at the waterfall again, the water even more crystal clear and clean than before. I raise my eyes to the sky and see the rainbow that surrounds me. I ask myself again, what I want from my life, and the answers find me readily and with beautiful clarity.
I now pay attention to my breathing and my refreshed feelings that flow inside me, like glistening water droplets chasing each other in the river.
Wonderful moments are presented by my imagination and I enjoy them with all my existence. My soul is celebrating! Stillness lingers over the falls in this wonderful state and I know that the realization of my goals in life is now actually within my reach!



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Univerzum, vizuális meditáció,, egyéni meditáció, panik, pánikbetegség, depresszió, személyre szabott meditáció, harmónia, ezotéria, ezoterika, párkapcsolat, számmisztika, spirit, horoszkóp, életmód, jóga, művészet, öltözködés
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