Young people thinking positively

Interview with Renáta Vadász and Balázs Csurgó

Translated by Henrietta Ábrányi

We met Renáta Vadász and Balázs Csurgó, a Hungarian couple from Los Angeles a few months ago. They think positively and their heart and mind is in the right place! They had a huge dream, and they are getting closer bravely and persistently to their goals. We had the opportunity to hear their story personally from them. They are lovely and a bit crazy, but they do everything to help other people to think positively. Renáta is writing her book and Balázs is an inventor. We decided to have an interview with them so that everyone can get to know them, their dreams and their success story.

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Please tell us a little about yourselves and about the time you came to the decision to quit the rat-race of everyday life and make your dreams come true.

Actually, we have always been eccentric, and that is why we met in August 2003. In our opinion, nothing is a coincidence. 8 years have passed since then and we are happy. It is well-known that similar people attract each other. We went through a lot together, which made our love stronger each time. Our lives have been full of ups and downs, but diamonds form under pressure. The real change took place in 2007. My hair was falling out so much because of the intense stress that we visited a hair analyst, who gave me a lot of wonderful medicinal shampoos. As we were about to leave, she gave us a DVD with the title 'The Secret', to express her sympathy. She said that this is a way out of troubles if we let it be so. Finally, she made us sign her memory book assuming that it would be worth a lot in the future. So be it... We said and then we went home. We watched the film two weeks later, and then we started to apply what we have seen. The changes began soon after.

We can read your success story on a well-known social site. Would you tell it us, please?

When we decided to travel to America, we did not really know what we were about to undertake. We arrived with huge hopes and our luggage in Toronto, Canada on 1 December 2009. The cold penetrated to the bones, we had no money, and we were accommodated in a hostel paid by the Hungarian Embassy. The neighbourhood was so terrible that we were frightened at nights. They were beating the doors and chasing young people home with knives. We only had our hope that everything would be fine, and that nothing bad would happen to us. We did not have money to go home. Positive thinking saved us from panicking and giving up. We believed every day that we would make something big, but that time we did not know what exactly. In a few months, we got a job, rented a flat and started to save up money. We were happy, had fun and enjoyed every moment. Our persistent positive thoughts gave us more and more chances and ideas, and we noticed them. I started to write my book, and Balázs invented a wonderful product, which went in production in China. Meanwhile we were intrigued by another idea, so we stopped production. We were visualising a lot and were focusing on a specific person. Finally, the Universe gave us the chance to meet him, the multimillionaire messiah of the Network MLM Marketing! But this cost us 1.8 million Hungarian Forints. When we got the opportunity to meet him, we did not have the whole amount, but we bravely reserved a table for dinner and paid half of the amount hoping that we would manage to get the other half of the money. We had 2 months or otherwise our money would have been gone. We were focusing with all our knowledge and we MADE IT! We had the dinner and the meeting in Miami. What exactly happened at the meeting could be the topic of another interview... But what we dreamed of CAME TRUE, and that was the most important for us at that time. You can read more about it in my Facebook notes.

Our readers would surely like to know how to be clever and stay positive in the worst situation. How did you do that?

You have to find the good in every moment. If we cannot find the good side of any situation in life, we will notice that we have to suffer in increasingly worse conditions being unable to find the solution. Besides lots of wonderful events, it also happened to us, for example, that we had to sleep in the car, because we had no money to rent a motel room. We could have panicked, because we were in a foreign land without money, and it was very cold at night. But we did not surrender to despair. We told each other in the darkness cowering in the back seat of the car that everything will be fine and solved by the morning. Something always has to happen. The only thing we could be grateful for at that time was that we had a car, where we could stay and which we could lock. It could have been worse, we could have slept on a bench in the street. This is what we meant when we said that you have to find the positive side of every moment, or you will come off badly. We woke up early next morning, we managed to get a job, and we got paid the same day. Having a shower and sleeping in a soft bed in a small motel that evening was a wonderful feeling!

When did you feel the most that you would give up, and what gave you confirmation that you had to go on?

When we met the great MLM guru in Miami, and we did not get what we had expected. The following period was very hard. We bet everything on one card spiritually, mentally and financially. We had to start from scratch for the second time. Then we started thinking whether there was a point in chasing our dreams. The question arose what if we strive only to get crippled, but never succeed. We started to think again as an everyday person. We almost gave up, or at least we thought 'that's it'. But there was a small voice inside both of our heads saying "what if we still succeed?". If you wish with all your body that your dream comes true, you will never be able to really let it go. You will never be able to give up, because it is already a part of you. If you can let it go, you have never really wanted it, so just leave it!
With the help of the internet, we got closer with you after a month. We got positive feedback from you every day that we are on the right track which we have to stay on. You did not know that you contributed a lot with your meditation messages and Hungarian tour, and with Csilla's wonderful and illuminating presentations to steer us back to the right track. We have never really left it, but we were not burning that bright. We would like to grab the opportunity to express our thanks to you.
A lot of people who are now happy can be grateful to you for their well-being! You are helping people without even knowing. Thank you! Those who are on the way of recovering, do not give up! Persistent visualisation gets the results!

We really did not know this at that time, but we are very happy to hear that. What was the other idea with which you got the attention of the successful and wealthy businessman, and where did you get it from?

I have always admired people who had a big dream and made it come true. For example, there is a restaurant, where you can get the most expensive meals. And there are lots of other "most expensive in the world" categories, as well. We would like to be one of them, so we thought that we could aim of satisfying multimillionaires and their needs. We did not worry about thinking, only knew that we wanted it. It came to us that we needed to create an advertisement opportunity that would be unique in the world and could travel around the globe. But we also knew that you can only achieve great publicity through scandals or shocking things. Scandals are newsworthy, all media are busy with them for weeks, but an advertisement is only few minutes long, is not shown in all media, and people are not really listening to it. One day, when I was throwing countless amounts of one cent coins out of my wallet, we thought that if we would try to sell Americas smallest coin for 100 million dollars, the whole world would be shocked. The whole amount is huge enough to be scandalous, but is not too big for a multimillionaire, who is striving for continuous improvement and growth. All wealthy, really wealthy people always want more and more. This is a natural process. But one can have any amount of money, if he has no opportunity to advertise both himself and his company everywhere to earn even greater wealth. But we already have our success story about how to get back on our feet from nothing, and how we made up this unique advertisement opportunity. The story is only complete with us, and we can prove the whole world that merely with the power of our mind and persistent hope our dream can come true, no matter how big it is. With this we can even change the worldwide economic situation, because people may become encouraged by our example, they may invest, start up a company, start playing the stock market, and believe in their own success. There are endless possibilities with which we can change the world. Our goal is to get as much publicity for this record attempt as we can, because it would make a breakthrough in the business world. So we can say that this is a creative business offer! We have already registered on the website of the Guinness World Record and we are awaiting feedback.

Some people may think that you are mad, brave or even reckless. Which one would you choose to describe you?

Actually, each of them is necessary for success. You have to be mad to make up such a creative madness, but you also need to be brave and many times reckless to go all the way to success.

If your dream comes true, how do you plan your future?

We would like to help more and more people to realise that we are able to do anything. Man is born to create and improve. We are the wonder ourselves, so enjoy every moment of life and make the world beautiful. The spreading of positive thinking in the world cannot be stopped anymore. People are so desperate that they grab every chance to make a change in their lives at last. I would like my book, in which I describe our lives in detail, and what we went through by now, to show an example for everyone. We cannot help each individual person, but if someone really looks for a solution, he will surely find it. Balázs would like to prove with his wonderful inventions that the creative mind is infinite. We both know that it is not a coincidence that we met, and there is a reason that we are here now. We know that we are on the right track, and we can be grateful, and we can help people every day. The world needs us, because they need someone to look up to and follow. The mankind has reached the point, where those, who are drowning in the huge chaos, hope and wait for a solution, a push to get started. We are already strong and experienced enough to represent the creative power of thinking in the whole world. The person who will finally contribute to make our dream come true will make his company known in the whole world, and will be inevitably part of a wonderful concept. I dare to say that if we make it, we will be the best businessmen, and our client the best investor in the world. We would like to appear in lots of papers, in television and radio, not only in Hungary, but also in America. We have already sent letters to New York Times, but they have not replied yet. We hope that we will get more and more requests after this interview, and our message will quickly spread everywhere.

What is your advice for the brave or mad people, who, just like you, dare to dream and act?

Never give up, because the thought of what you may have missed is unbearable. Life is a game, but you can choose which team you play in and how. The rule is that there are no rules. If you have an inspiring thought, act! It is not there by accident. Hold on until the end, because you leave yourself forsaken if you are weak. People will say lots of things about you, even behind your back, but you have to learn how to lock them out and just not care. Only you and your goals exist now. Successful people, inventors and great minds were all eccentric. They were cast out, their behaviour was said to be weird. But then they created something big, and left their mark in history. If you believe in yourself, you can do anything!
2012 is the Year of Dreams!

So be it! There are only a few dedicated and ambitious young people like you. We wish you that your dream comes true, and that you will be able to help a lot of people to think positive, define goals and be persistent through your personal example!

ZM Univerzum Mediastudios, Boston, January, 2012

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Univerzum, vizuális meditáció,, egyéni meditáció, panik, pánikbetegség, depresszió, személyre szabott meditáció, harmónia, ezotéria, ezoterika, párkapcsolat, számmisztika, spirit, horoszkóp, életmód, jóga, művészet, öltözködés